This is my last entry in the YUL logbook.

A few months ago, two gentlemen took an interest in taking YUL to another level. I watch them maneuver in this incredible universe that has thrilled me for all these years, and I leave you with the feeling that you are in good hands. You will learn, as I did, to know them and to recognize the positive changes they bring. Pierre-Jean and Jonathan have teamed up with Emmanuel, the boy who did his internships at MATH Sport and has become the man who has been handling your emails for the past few years. Gentlemen, I wish you the best of luck and a long life to YUL!

For my part, I have lived 10 crazy years. The highlights that I will forever retain are etched in my memory, in my DNA:

  • The electrifying madness of the startup phase
  • The development of the first shoe molds
  • The tour of the great province of Quebec to take the first 500 scans
  • The delivery of the first pairs assembled in Quebec
  • My numerous trips to China and Vietnam
  • The appearance on "Dans l'œil du dragon" (In the Dragon's Eye)
  • My inclusion in the first cohort of Adopte Inc.
  • The addition of trail and winter versions
  • The rebranding to YUL

This adventure was made possible by a surreal context surrounding entrepreneurship, a significant investment by Jean Samson, and the support of my initial partner Pierre-Hugo. Starting a company from "ground zero" isn't done alone; these two guys enabled MATH Sport, which became YUL, to far exceed what one man could do alone. I owe them a great deal.

I would also like to highlight the important support from the Quebec running community. Over the 10 years, many have been loyal supporters. You have always supported the efforts and constructively addressed the shortcomings we encountered over the years. Hearing the horror stories that some other companies experience, I count myself extremely lucky. Thank you for supporting us through thick and thin, thank you immensely.

You know, when you take the bet to compete with the Nikes and Asics of this world, it's done with a lot of investment in time and money. In addition to the players mentioned above, I want to acknowledge the undeniable contribution of Jean-Michel Tremblay and Martin Labelle. At many points, this adventure could have ended abruptly, but the entire group of investors was there when needed.

In the end, despite the ups and downs, despite the fact that I would have liked to do better, I think we have brought to life a shoe model and a clothing line that has great potential. I will continue to proudly wear the colors that the new owners will have to offer. It's a combination of exceptional circumstances that have made this adventure so enriching and memorable.

I am as eager as you are to see what the future holds for YUL!

Your faithful servant at YUL